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Big Journals, Small Journals, and the Two Peer Reviews

Big Journals, Small Journals, and the Two Peer Reviews

JournalJournal of Scholarly Publishing
PublisherUniversity of Toronto Press
ISSN1198-9742 (Print)
1710-1166 (Online)
IssueVolume 42, Number 4 / July 2011
Online DateThursday, June 16, 2011
Stephen K. Donovan


Although the fact is not widely recognized, editors of learned journals use peer review of submissions in different ways depending on the requirements of their publication. Peer review is a continuum that has distinctly different ‘end members,’ each with contrasting implications for an academic author. As a general rule, high-profile journals use reviewers' comments as part of the editorial process to help determine whether a paper should be published; only if the paper is not rejected will the journal expect these comments to help guide revision of the text for publication. In contrast, low-profile journals need material, and primarily use critical reviews and editorial comments to improve the content and presentation of a submission.

editing, publication, rejection, acceptance, peer review
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